Memory of being spanked bare

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Similar Worlds - I Have Childhood Memories - When I grew up not only did I get That was always a bare bottom spanking with whatever the parents used on.

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Jan 25, - Any memories? Spanking didn't work with us, so my mom quit. spoon away from a sister using it on her child's bare bottom, full of bruises. The first spanking I remember enjoying getting was when I was in junior high school. I was 13 years old. The man who gave it to me was my gym teacher, Mr.

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Oct 5, - It was always a hand spanking and it really hurt. But I guess I deserved it. The worst spanking was in public when I received a bare bottom. Dec 28, - Memories of Spanking. Tags: pov self spanking housewife belt cane bubble wand ping pong paddles Carmen Erection Busted on the Bare.

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Oct 6, - It started by my earliest memories of being spanked. demanding that your child strip naked from the waist down for punishment (often doing it. Jun 19, - I was spanked bare bottom only 2–4 times as a child (mostly around the but I really can't remember), and I still have memories of the sound it would was the most scary spanking moment that you received by.

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I didn't want to meet them and was really mad with her for spanking me, . was still getting her bare bottom spanked, and that often felt very lonely and isolating. Apr 18, - When one of us girls had earned a spanking at home, mum used to take us . She expertly pulled my shorts and pants down, leaving my bare.

Memory of being spanked bare

Dec 24, - You know, sometimes I am grateful for the lessons and memories of my past. “You have a choice, get out here and get a good spanking now, or take your time and I will add I got a LOT of swats on my bare bum that day. Memory of being spanked bare. XXX Sex Photos. I love this bitch, more.